Kitűnő WHO anyag a mozgás fontosságáról

Ezt érdemes elolvasni! A bevezetőjének veretes mondatai (nem fordítom le, meghagyom a maga eredetiségében és teljességében hatni):

"Physical activity is a fundamental means of improving physical
and mental health. For too many people, however, it has
been removed from everyday life, with dramatic effects for
health and well-being. Physical inactivity is estimated to
account for nearly 600 000 deaths per year in the WHO European
Region. Tackling this leading risk factor would reduce
the risks of cardiovascular diseases, non-insulin- dependent
diabetes, hypertension, some forms of cancer, musculoskeletal
diseases and psychological disorders. In addition,
physical activity is one of the keys to counteracting the current
epidemic of overweight and obesity that is posing a new
global challenge to public health."

Olvasd el a teljes anyagot ITT!

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